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WHO: The top 150 underclass baseball players from across the country in the class of 

2023 and 2024.


WHAT: Eight regional teams travel to California to compete in a three-day underclass tournament. The rosters will feature the best baseball players from around the nation competing at the highest level, while being evaluated at the highest level. Scouts from all 30 Major League teams as well as top NCAA coaches will be in attendance. This tournament serves as the beginning of a long interview process culminating with the Major League Baseball Draft the summer of the athlete's graduating year.  


WHEN: August 11th - 13th, 2021


WHERE: Los Angeles, CA


COST: The Area Code Baseball Underclass Games are free for athletes to attend.



Rosters will be announced summer of 2021






Q: How much does it cost to tryout and attend the Games?

A: The tryouts and the Area Code Baseball Underclass Games are free to attend for the athlete. The only costs incurred by the player are his own travel expenses to the regional tryouts and to the Games in Los Angeles, CA.

Q: Who can participate in the 2020 event?

A: Players from the 2023, 2024, and 2025 graduation classes are eligible to attend a tryout and play in the Area Code Baseball Underclass Games.


Q: How can I attend a tryout?

A: Tryouts are by invitation only. Invites typically are sent to the players starting in April and it is not uncommon for a player to receive an invite the day before a tryout. Invitations are sent to players based on recommendations from Major League Scouts from all 30 teams. However, if a player is recommended to tryout, it is does not guarantee that he will be extended an invitation to attend a tryout. The scouts running that team in that area make that decision. If you have a scout recommendation and would like to be considered for a tryout, you can fill out a Area Code Player Profile Form and it will be forwarded to the regional scout for consideration. Even if you do not have a scout recommendation but you would like to be considered for a tryout, fill out that form as well. The schedule of team tryouts can be found by clicking here. Please note that we cannot give out names or contact information for the scouts running the teams. If you have any questions, please contact Kirsten Leetch at kirsten@studentsports.com.

Players, after you submit an Area Code Player Profile Form, it will be forwarded off to the scout running the team in your region. Invites to the tryouts typically are sent in late April and May, however, some teams have been known to invite players the day before the tryout. Each tryout varies in size and is determined by those running the team in that region. You may not attend a tryout that is out of your region. We ask that you fill out any forms for the tryout as soon as possible to ensure a spot at the tryout. 


Q: When will I be notified if I made a team?

A: The teams will typically notify players within a week of the team’s final tryout if they are selected. If a player is not selected for a team, it is not uncommon for another team to invite the player to the Games, if room on the roster allows. Team’s rosters will vary in size from 20-25 players. Those players selected will be sent forms that need to be filled out. We ask that you do so in a timely manner for purposes of the game program. Additionally, you need to have a waiver signed by yourself and a parent/guardian in order to participate. Without the waiver, you will not be able to compete until one is filled out. Please note that players that are not selected to play on a team will not be contacted after the tryout.

Q: What team will represent my region?

A: Milwaukee Brewers: Southern California and Hawaii

Chicago White Sox: Midwest

Washington Nationals: Southeast and Louisiana

New York Yankees: Northeast

Texas Rangers: Texas

Oakland Athletics: Northern California

Kansas City Royals: Pacific Northwest

Cincinnati Reds: Four Corners, Nevada, and El Paso, TX

Q: Is the event open to the general public?

A: There will be no general admission allowed into the Games. Only family members and friends can purchase passes/tickets as well as MLB scouts, college coaches and advisors.

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